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Welcome to our web site!

Welcome to the Family Griffin Website. Here you will find information about the places we have lived and visited.

There are also pictures of family and friends. Some are funny, some are cute and some I will eventually get paid to take off!

At the moment we are living in Indonesia. Use the the navigation on the left to move to see where we live and the trips that we have been on since living there.

Some of the countries are still blank under "holidays and trips". I will try and update these as when I can!

Above is a picture of Daniel and Chloe with one of their friends. You can see a picture of Chloe and myself below with another Indonesian inhabitant....Not to be left out, there's Johanna as well!


It took us a while to get Johanna to pose for this, but we got there eventually! Anyway, enough of the introduction: get on the navigation bar on the left and see what we have been up to!

Happy Surfing!

James, Jo, Chloe and Daniel

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