Dear All,

Its been a very busy year for us , we moved from Israel in July (good timing)! James resigned from his company after 10 years while he was in Israel. We felt it wasnít time yet to go back to the UK and started planning where to go next!!! We looked at the map of the world with a view to make a decision on where we would like to live for a few years. We decided upon the Far East as we had been to the middle East, so it was only fair to try the Far East. James managed to find a job with a Dutch company in Kuala Lumpur, he has been with the company for 3 months and seems to be travelling a lot but enjoys the work and being in a small company.

The kids are enjoying their life here, the school is very good. Chloe was a little upset because she was told the school does not allow nails with lovely bright varnish. Chloe is enjoying fencing at school which she hasnít yet practiced on her parents!! Or her brother. Daniel is also settling well into school and likes the fact that they play football. Daniel and Chloe have just finished a scuba diving course and are certified divers so they can dive with mum and dad. We all go to the islands for weekend dives.

We have only just moved into our house in KL, we have been busy getting settled into the house. We are only 10 minutes from the city so we can do lots of retail therapy. The markets are great for shopping especially for computer games and great Gucci bags!!

Jo is continuing with studying and keeping everyone else happy!! Getting into the life here, there is plenty to do especially if you are sporty. (She has met half of KL and is busy introducing them to the other half.)

Last month we went to the Philippines to join James as he is working a lot in that country. We went to a island called Boracay where we were trapped because of a typhoon, the storm was so bad that there were no flights out of the island and we couldnít move from the bar!! as there was no where else to go!!! We discovered "Long Island Tea" which is not for the faint hearted!!

We will be staying here for most of the Christmas holidays, our only plans is to go to Singapore for 3 days to stay with friends and to stay on a island called Penang for the New Year.

We wish you all a Happy New Year, and go to our website for the latest update!

Lots of Love,

Jo,James Chloe and Daniel xxxxx